IEI offers myriad hands-on investment opportunities. We openly promote business ventures at the granularity of those presented under “Capabilities” on the IEI website. The newest opportunity is DABUS, an architecture and methodology to scale Creativity Machines to hundreds of billions of neurons.

5 thoughts on “Investment

  1. To accelerate the uptake of IEI’s unique patented technologies I would recommend building a base Java class library that encompasses all that IEI has learned over the past twenty years that could be used by global leaders in areas such as FX and Equity Trading when assembling elite teams of Java Engineers to develop high frequency low latency quant trading platforms, etc… e.g. make the technology available in a form it can be most readily used by programmers. Better yet make a set of server products that plug into JBOSS and give managers something to work with e.g. towards the goal of the CEO STANNO, a business objects AI platform that helps run companies and implement change management programmes through intranet, web and IT infrastructure. A website management STANNO and other subordinate STANNOs for BDM would clearly make up the larger functions of company level AI objects such a Marketing, PR and social media management functions that AI could manage over time.

    • Ben, Thanks for the thoughtful input, but that is not the road IEI has set out on. I would have a fitful time convincing the investors to turn over the company’s IP to the world at large. In the meantime, our business model entails the creation of spin off companies that IEI builds proprietary AI components for.

      • So you are seeking people with ideas of how to implement IEI’s technology in specific domains and investors to back the new venture(s) to purchase IEI licensing and AI applications. Thanks for clarifying the business model. It will be tough to find areas that can become profitable inside venture capital timeframes, CEO STANNOs would be of interest to SAP and IBM as an acquistion technology to add AI on to their existing products. e.g. As long as investors and IEI have a clear exit strategy via acquisition there are a range of software functions that could yield good ROI.

  2. I believe that you should create a subscription and service of creativity engines that a company can send their code to you and then you run it on a personal basis and then all the results become co property of the company and the customer and the release of and billing of the customer are subject to the review of creativity engines, don’t let out your Ip only give the customer an Applet for entry of data into the creativity engines and a requested form of the output generated.

    • David,

      Thanks for the recommendation, but I need to sharpen my understanding of it. What code are they sending? Neural systems don’t work from human-originated code. They observe raw data and effectively write their own.


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