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Do you feel you could help run an IEI carve out company? Then show us what you’re made of by attracting the necessary investors. We have the ultimate technology. All we need from you is to spread the word to those looking for high return on their investments!

18 thoughts on “Management Opportunities

  1. IEI technology is so well suited to working with companies like IBM, Microsoft, Apple, SAP and Oracle, Autodesk, Adobe, etc… it is really Chief Technology Officers of such companies who need to become aware of this blog, what Vigilect(tm) and IEI have achieved and for partnerships with IEI to be formed based on integrating IEI technologies into existing software.

    Take for example a piece of software like Revit from Autodesk. It competes against ArchiCAD. The race is now on for these two companies to realize what IEI could add to their design software and implement updated future versions of their software utilizing the power of “software that understands” what is being designed. At a recent training course the lecturer stated to us “ArchiCAD is dumb, it doesn’t know you are designing a house” it merely allows a human designer to design a house inside a form of “drawing tool”… all this can change with the power of STANNOs, self training autonomous neural network objects that let software understand anything including the principles of house design in this example or even the principle of what a house is. Revit and ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, 3DS Max and myriad other software could be enhanced by the power of what IEI has on offer.

    • I am no expert, but wouldn’t such companies undermine their own efforts in “artificial intelligence” by accepting IEI technology? Projects like IBM’s SyNAPSE/BlueBrain/Watson or Apple’s SIRI involve a lot of financial interest and if they would suddenly realize that those developments are essentially redundant and could be replaced by a more powerful solution (or at least enhanced by it), my guess is that they wouldn’t easily give up on them or deviate from their original plans. This is just speculation on my part and I welcome any evidence to the contrary. On the other hand, I could imagine specialized companies like Adobe or Autodesk harnessing the efficient and versatile IEI AI, maybe in exclusive versions of their products. But this is just a start, ultimately, this could be implemented into almost anything from SDKs and game engines over operating systems and industrial robots to cars and airplanes.

      • Xavier, welcome to my nightmare! Pride and economics usually stand in the way of broad acceptance of the technology. After all, this AI paradigm does it all, but IBM and Apple have millions to spend on their media campaigns. So, while the press pounces on the opportunity of reporting on what these companies merely plan to do (or glitzy demos of stale AI principles) the struggle is on to trumpet what has already been done here.
        On the Adobe/Autodesk side of things, one must communicate directly to the management level without asking the purely technical underling what they think of IEI. Typically, the engineers and scientists feel threatened by the whole proposition.
        Furthermore, it’s a bit like Hero of Alexandria designing a steam engine in ancient times, when there were lots of slaves to supply power. Things haven’t changed in this ‘modern’ era where there are lots of programmers to write code.

      • Stephen, I’m afraid your comparison hit the nail on the head. I can definitely relate to how distressing this situation must be at times. I dare say it reminds me a little of Tesla’s grandiose ideas that have been thwarted due to insufficient funding. One need only to look at prevalent opinions about neural networks and how they are “old news”. To that I can only say that our neurobiology is very old too and yet we still use it. 😀

        Technology has always been more advanced than most realize. Many seem to focus on established luminaries like Kurzweil et al. regarding progress. With all due respect for the good work that these people have done, they are proponents of the “soft takeoff” theory and still too conservative in their perspectives. My feeling is that they have a misconception of what human-level intelligence means; they rather want to build a flashy supercomputer that is “intelligent” enough to do all kinds of straight-forward tasks but still dependent enough on their instructions – this is where said pride stands in the way, in my opinion.

        Anyhow, the current weakness of IEI’s reception may also be part of its strength, because unlike others it’s more open and people-oriented with noble, humanitarian goals and (since one probably cannot count on the behemoths) perfect for fresh, forward-looking companies that are unafraid to take advantage of the cutting edge. Especially the entertainment sector could profit immensely from your accomplishments. For example, if you would attend a major event like the E3 or gamescom with a demonstration of intelligent bot behavior or landscape/object/character creation in various game environments, people will pay attention. In the end, they want something tangible (demos, applications, videos, speeches etc.). If all else fails, you could still independently develop separate add-ons for popular software or unique stand-alone applications.

        Times will change for the better – it all depends on your willingness to be in the right place at the right time; what you are able to demonstrate to the world as well as how you present yourself (i.e. a more modernized & interactive website – like this weblog addition). Just my personal recommendations. I nevertheless wish you the best of luck and hope you succeed in all your plans!

  2. I propose plan b – start a hedge fund based on your NN technology and raise your own capital on the money management fees you charge. and please. make your album Song of the Neurons avail on Amazon….

    • I agree that Dr Thaler should look into hedge fund tools. IEI could benefit from partnering with those of us at the coal face of niche projects in areas such as greenfield Equaties/Derivatives/FX Algo trading projects. I doubled my money twice in three months on the stock market after meeting Dr Thaler in 1997 but it took a combination of human AI and analysis tools and I was limited by not having access to full Thaler tech covered under patent. AI certainly has a role to play in modern day trading and Thaler tech is the best. I thoroughly recommend it to all FX greenfield projects. Now the CM boxes are for sale, I and others will help sell it to banks from Sydney to Hong Kong, New York and London.

  3. “We’re spread very thin here. Can you find financing, Ben?” This is not something I’d like to see for a cutting edge technology company. I hope IEI can spread it’s wings soon.

    What do you feel about international funding, for example from Dubai, U.A.E? There would be a lot of factors but it might be able to work.

    And Dr. Thaler, I am very interested to learn Neural Networks. What would be a good direction (2 years MS, MS + PhD), maybe I can work with a company like EIE in the future.

    • Thanks! We are open to investments from the middle east. Let me know if you’ve made a connection.

      Most computer science departments offer courses in AI and neural networks. Otherwise, find a neural network trainer and learn by example. Good Luck

  4. If the Imagination Engine needs funds I think it would be wise to sell the music produced from it. I saw your documentary and was very impressed with the music that it did create. There is no need for a ‘musician’ to add their own touch to it. Rather it would be best to have the machine create the best music it can, then to sell that music on itunes or on Amazon.

      • Nonsense, I bet there’s a large number of people who are looking for music that’s enjoyable to listen to, rather than the garbage dumped through the speakers by the mainstream media today. I feel that the human race has been and is being hypnotized by music today and that with your machine producing pieces of excellence will help inspire those who hear it.

      • As a computational psychologist, I would have to say that, well, perceptions vary. Most of the work required is marketing, so investors are needed to do things right. That costs more than the technical effort!

  5. No new post for almost a year? What is going on IEI?
    I’m curious how IEI’s technology compares to the Deep Learning movement lead by Geoffrey Hinton and his research team….

    • Devon, key elements of deep learning have been incorporated into IEI’s STANNO modules for two decades. We chose not to sink millions into a media campaign though. Our emphasis has been on computational creativity. Best Wishes, Steve

      • I’ve just read your interview @ NEXTbigfuture & following from comments here I’m surprised that the IEI stanno modules haven’t exploited you-tube or crowd funding.
        I’m also surprised, given your claims, that these modules are not commercialized into the mainstream e.g. like Siri or a Watson. I guarantee you that if you can integrate these modules into financial or language interpretation or something as simple as medical/legal/any-archival search reference bots/apps they would generate enough interest & revenue which in turn will:
        (i) silence critics in your field
        (ii) allow you to further your research
        (iii) transform society

      • Jane,

        Thanks for the suggestion!

        Please keep in mind that STANNOs are proprietary components of IEI’s larger neural systems such as Creativity Machines. So, I don’t know if that would be a sound business move.

        Critics will never be silenced, thus slowing down my research as well as societal transformation.

        Best Wishes,

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